Men Are Dogs Men Are Dogs: In the Best Possible Sense! Men Are Dogs: In the Best Possible Sense! Men Are Dogs: In the Best Possible Sense! Men Are Dogs: In the Best Possible Sense!
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A Humor Book

The Cover

Girls, tired of always ending up with the wrong man? Maybe it's because most girls take more time picking out a dog than they do a boyfriend. But men come in just as many breeds as dogs and knowing the characteristics of each before you make your selection can help assure you have years of happiness instead of heartache.

A Humor Book


Men Are Dogs* (*In the Best Possible Sense!) is just the book to help you make your selection! It has all the information you need to pick out the breed of man that's best for you - from physical attributes and temperament to personal style and profession. It's fun and it's funny! And it's chock full of all the care and feeding tips you need to keep his tail wagging (and yours) long after you've brought your new man home.

Advance Buzz for Men Are Dogs:

“Finally the ultimate explanation on the origin and mysteries of the male species-treat them like dogs! Molly Hewitt has written an essential and humorous guide for all women, both single and married, that will help solve questions like: is he a purebred or a mongrel? Can he be housebroken? And what makes men bark? Bow Wow!!”
-Leslie Fram, author of “How to Marry a Divorced Man”

“Molly Hewitt's clever book sheds a bright, new light on the eerie similarities between man & man's best friend. Her witty analysis is pure fun-like playing Frisbee at the beach and catching it in your teeth, before rifling through garbage cans. Ms. Hewitt is clearly a man- and dog lover. She joyfully explains how loyalty, unconditional love, and the urge to be in a convertible with the top down, going 85 with the wind smacking you in the face, are qualities shared by adult males in both species. Her thesis is solid when you consider that women are bitches”
-Lisa Medway is a comedy writer, writing instructor and the co-author of “Me 101: A Workbook for a Better Relationship.”

“Can't figure out men? This book should help!
The fun guide to figuring out the male species.”
-Anka Radakovich, sex columnist and author (The Wild Girl's Club, Sexplorations)

“If you believed that Women Are from Venus and Men Are from Mars, this book will make you reconsider. Your man is more closely related to Pluto than you'd think.”
-Caroline Goodall, actress (“The Princess Diaries,” “The Princess Diaries 2,” “Hook,” “Disclosure,” “Sex 'n' Death”) and writer.

“Finally! A buyer's guide that takes the mystery out of choosing and maintaining that rare creature, 'the right man.' Molly Hewitt does for the (formerly pejorative) term 'dog' what, well, I did for the (formerly pejorative) term 'bitch.'”
-Elizabeth Hilts, author of “Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch,” and “The Inner Bitch Guide to Men, Relationships, Dating, Etc.”

“Who knew dating was as easy as going to the kennel? Whether it's a purebred or mutt you're after, Hewitt's clever canine comparisons between man and dog offer you all the data you need to find a lovable mate who will always greet you with a wet kiss.”
-Susan Strong, author of “The Greatness of Girls” and “The Boldness of Boys” - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.

"Men Are Dogs: In the Best Possible Sense!"
The new relationship humor book by author Molly Hewitt

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